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Florida Keys Amateur Radio Club

VE Test Sessions


We use the W5YI VEC for Ham Radio Exam Testing. Exams are offered at 5:30 PM before the regular meetings on the first Wednesday of the month. Contact k1st@arrl.net  ahead of time to let him know you want to take a test. Please bring two forms of ID with at least one being a photo ID like a drivers license. Bring a photo copy of your IDs. Bring fourteen dollars cash for the testing fee. You also need to register and obtain an FRN number here and bring the number with you to the Test Session.

You can also find readily available remote On-Line Test Sessions. Take a test right in your own home at a time convenient for you.

Effective April 19, 2022, you will need to pay an additional $35 registration fee directly to the FCC for new, renewal, rule waiver, and modification applications that request a new vanity callsign.

Free On-Line Practice Tests can be taken here.

Newly licensed hams can search the FCC database by FRN number to find out their new callsign here. We are filing our test results electronically. Your new license or upgrade can be recorded as quickly as one business day.

How to renew your Ham License.


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