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Florida Keys Amateur Radio Club


FM Repeater Network linked via Echolink K1ST-L, Allstar Node 439391 and Hamshack Hotline extension 94091.

Most DMR activity is on the "Keys Talk Group" TG 3121536. More Keys DMR TG info here.

DMR Repeater Network linked to the "Keys TG" via Allstar Node 556032 and Hamshack Hotline extension 94085.

The DMR/FM Repeaters are primarily for DMR, FM Mode is for Special Events or Emergencies.

Repeaterbook is a good source for looking up other repeaters in the Keys.

The Repeaterbook cell phone app shows you the repeaters closest to you.

Codeplugs for the Keys for several popular FM and DMR radios are available in the Files section.

There is also the Open DMR Network with three repeaters in the Keys.

The DMR codeplugs include a Zone for the Open DMR network.

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